Price Match

Comparison of Quotes in Current Marketplace

We’ve found that on average, our prices are 10-30% less than what other experienced GMP certified manufacturers with NSF and UL offer! We, therefore, offer the following price guarantee.


You work hard building a brand. The only way you can protect your brand is by manufacturing with an NSF and UL-certified factory. Increasingly Amazon won’t be accepting brands manufactured in facilities that are not certified.

Please keep in mind that the best way to build your brand is to sell products that actually work. You can do that by ensuring that the herbal extracts used in your products are not adulterated. 

Ask your other manufacturer if they check for the identity of all the herbal ingredients with High-performance thin-layer chromatography (HPTLC). This is very rare. We check 100% of all incoming herbal extracts and powders. We have, through time, found that 30% of them are adulterated. They either come in with wrong plant parts, wrong spices, or in the case of herbal powder, already extracted. Don’t get fooled, it’s not possible to do identity checks with HPLC (High-performance liquid chromatography) OR FTIR, and DNA is hopeless on extracts and powders because the DNA has been damaged.
I also guarantee the best possible price. I will beat any price for the same quality product, inclusive of all testing done in-house (micro, ICP-MS, HPTLC, FTIR).


Pricing Match Guarantee

We have made it simple to compare apples to apples. Simply ask your other manufacturer the following question. The reasoning behind those questions is listed below. All questions that must be answered positively for us to price match:


    – Is your factory GMP certified with NSF and UL?
    – For how many years? (more years the better, 3 years min)


      Do you operate the following instruments in your factory laboratory? (more years the better, 3 years min)

          A. HPTLC (Number of methods developed, for example, 250)

          B. FITR


          D. BLS2 Microbiology Laboratory

          E. Rapid Microbiology Systems (for example, from Solaris

      Can you supply the following photographs?

         > Overview and close-up pictures of all equipment in the laboratory

         > Detailed pictures of the validation stickers for each instrument

3. QA/QC

     – Quality Assurance Department (QA)

     – Quality Control Department (QC)

      Are there two separate QA and QC departments in the factory?
(you are looking for 3 people minimum per department)

     Do you test 100% of all incoming herbal raw materials on your in-house HPTLC system?

      Do you test chemicals, vitamins, amino on FTIR

     (NOTE: herbal extracts can’t be tested on FTIR)


     Do you perform finished goods potency tests before potency is declared on the label per GMP?


      Do you operate a BLS 2 Microbiology lab or plan to?


      Do you calculate the arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury level in each product run

      Do you notify clients if the product does not meet Prop 65?

Price Match!

Spend the time to ask your manufacturer the above questions. Validating your manufacturer may save you from being de-platformed or worse, your brand being recalled. (over 800 supplements were recalled in 2020 by one contract facility that offered great prices but lacked in quality control)
We don’t negotiate against hearsay so we request that you email us the chain of emails from first contact to where you are today. This should include a quote and answers to our questions above. If it looks credible, we will match them!

The Details WHY You Need the Above Minimum GMP Certifications

1. Have you been GMP certified with NSF and UL for over 3 years?

Why does it matter if they just got certified or have been certified for 10 years?
NSF and UL are very forgiving with manufacturers the first couple of years, and then they rack up the requirements. So, we got certified 6 years ago

2. What analytical instruments do you operate on-site, and for how long?

The lab should test 100% of all raw materials and finished goods for

        1. Identity
        2. Mirobes
        3. Heavy Metals

Several equipment and materials must be tested for microbiology growth before safely entering your facility. We highly recommend finding a GMP audited factory with the proper laboratory instruments actively used and calibrated, as delays will occur if these instruments aren’t available on-site!
Having the equipment is one thing while calibrating and using it is another. Therefore, it is very important to ask how many years they have operated the equipment and how many people work in the laboratory. 

Further, ask for up-close pictures of all lab equipment and the validation stickers for each machine:

        1. HPTLC – with over 250 methods
        2. FTIR
        3. ICP-MS
        4. BLS2 Microbiology Laboratory
        5. Rapid Microbiology Systems from Solaris (Not 3M (which is mostly useless))

Red Flag Notice: Factory relies on outsourcing the above lab tests!

If this is the case, expect three things:

  • Expensive lab charges outside of the quote. 
  • Delay in production  

Not Nowadays, labs are booked 2 weeks in advance!

3. Describe your Quality Assurance Department.

If they don’t have a QA department or if it is integrated with the QC or another department, then it’s a red flag. There should be at least 3 full-time people working in each department, QA and QC.

4. Identity Testing

What would you do if 30% of your herbal extracts were adulterated? (not what is stated on the label) That’s exactly what happens when extracts are not tested on HPTLC. 
Note: About 30% of all herbs and herbal extracts on the raw material market are either misidentified (not correct species/plant part) or extracted already with near-zero potency of essential actives.

5. Do you perform finished goods and blend stage potency testing to make sure I meet label claims?

6. Do you operate a BLS 2 Microbiology lab licensed to handle live bacteria for challenge tests?

You may be taking an unnecessary risk if your manufacturer does not test products for E-coli and Salmonella.

7. Do you calculate the arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury level in each of my product runs so I don’t run afoul of Proposition 65?