Dishonest Certifications?

You can find our certifications below, however beware such PDFs are often forgeris. Forgeries work in this business because Label Owners don't check the authenticity of the registrations. Fortunately, there is a simple way to check for authenticity. See below.

Incorrect Certifications?

Packaging Certification VS Manufacturing Certification

Beware that some businesses only have GMP Packaging certification from NSF while claiming to have a GMP Certification for Manufacturing. This is because those certification PDFs look exactly the same! The only way to see the difference is by logging in to NSF (Below). Those who are manufacturers have the following designation above their name: Manufacturing Facility. Those who are only a warehouse packing facility have the designation of: Packaging Facility.

Beware the world of supplement manufacturing is dominated (80%) by factories that claim to follow GMP standards but actually don’t. You really need to be VERY careful when you pick your manufacturing partner.

  • You can verify our UL certification HERE.
    Search for us under Nutritional Supplement Manufacturers or PureNSM.
  • You can verify our NSF certification HERE.
    Search for us under Manufacturer Name Nutritional Supplement Manufacturers.
  • You can verify our NPA certification HERE.
    Search for us under Nutritional Supplement Manufacturers or PureNSM.

Because I know you care about your business, I want to explain further why it’s important to choose a good manufacturing partner. Please scroll down and see Why the majority of supplement manufacturers don’t follow FDA rules?

Warning: While our certifications are real and easily verifiable, other contract manufacturers have been known to provide fake certifications. If you get an NSF or UL certification you need to verify if they are current and if they are issued to the entity you are wanting to have manufacture for you. Do so periodically.

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All our products come with a $5,000,000 product liability insurance
We provide Certificate of Liability Insurance

Why are the majority of supplement manufacturers not following the rules?

The primary reason is because they are competing on cost only and ignoring most of the GMP regulations. Further, because they are ignorant.

Just ask them this: What is the name of the regulation a supplement ingredient supplier has to follow? They will come up short – and that’s a problem!

It is so very easy for inexperienced managers of supplement factories to manufacture adulterated supplements, without meaning to do so. This is because the regulations governing raw material vendors for supplements are subject to a more relaxed (less stringent) regulation called 21 CFR 117 and not 21 CFR 111, which is the better-known regulation governing supplement manufacturers. 

 FDA claims that this more relaxed regulation is for raw materials vendors because they sell to various industries, not only the supplement industry, such as foods, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. 

The more relaxed vendor regulations shift the burden of quality control to the supplement manufacturer. Unfortunately, many brands seeking to hire supplement manufacturers don’t realize this and neither do the factories they hire to make their products!

Vendors have no obligation to test the product they sell for quality. This means zero tests are performed. None of the following tests are required:

  • Microbiological tests 
  • Heavy metal tests 
  • Identity tests 
  • Potency tests

Should you choose a factory that is not GMP certified you can be certain that they don’t bother testing all their incoming raw material as required by GMP and that their vendors know this. Vendors frequently rely on falsified or technically flawed Certificate of Analysis (COA) from the factory abroad who manufacture the raw materials. 

They often only test using rapid microbiology tests and FTIR (two of the cheapest tests). This frequently results in catastrophic quality breaches for the label owners. Just recently 859 brands were recalled by the FDA from one factory. If you are interested in the details on that, look for this on our
blog. RECALL: Another Example Of What Is Likely To Happen To You If You Only Compete On Price!

Our Business License

PureNSM Has Experience With Certifications

GMP cert image

Non-GMO and Certified Organic

PureNSM has experience in sourcing, certifying and manufacturing both Non-GMO and Organic products. PureNSM facilitated the Non-GMO Project Verified certification of an encapsulated turmeric powder in 2016 and thereby got permission from the Project to sport the organization icon! This will always increase sales and its not that expensive, especially for a single ingredient product.
The cost for a Non-GMO certification for the above, single ingredient, turmeric capsules, was about $1,300 in direct fees to the Non-GMO Project Verified organization. Note that this cost will increase if you have a multi-ingredient product.
PureNSM is also experienced in supplying certified organic finished goods to it’s customers.
Last time we certified a product Organic the cost was about $1,465 in direct fees to the Organic Certifiers organization.
PureNSM will charge a nominal fee for facilitating the applications if the customer hires us to process them. Customers can handle the applications themselves at no additional cost from PureNSM.
The Non-GMO Project Verified verification process takes approximately 15 days and the Organic Certification takes about 35 days- after the application has been submitted.
Please understand that it may take much longer to secure organic and/or Non-GMO raw materials and therefore it may significantly extend the time it takes to manufacture your product. Not all raw materials are available Organic and/or Non-GMO.