Brand Marketing

PureNSM offers you as a brand the following marketing support:

Use Your Lid!

On Top Of Lid

PureNSM will put a label on top of your product’s lid asking for Amazon reviews for FREE (only available if your lid fits a round label that is 1.25” diameter). The QR code will take your customers to their Amazon review page. This is completely OK with Amazon and we assure you that you will not get in trouble for this. It is allowed to ask for reviews, but you cannot compensate for good reviews. This is just for products sold on Amazon. If you want another
id for Marketing_Amazon Reviews For Free!

Inside Lid

PureNSM offers to insert a private message to your customers on the inside of your product’s lid. This message can have a QR code that can take your customer to a special deal page, free products, or a text journey that includes a review or whatever else you want. This is a private message between you and your customer. Amazon will most likely not open your bottle to check.
LID Inside

Use VeriGMP Trust Icon

Stop using generic trust icons “GMP Certified” that don’t mean anything.
PureNSM offers you to use VeriGMP(R) – a registered trademark with a back up website where we list your product and issue press releases from.
VeriGMP Icon

Use NSF and UL Trust Icons

Partner with PureNSM and get your brand registered with NSF and UL. We are offering a select few customer brands to invest in PureNSM. Once you invest anywhere from $10,000 you have the option to register your brand with NSF and/or UL. Once you do that, customers and businesses can look your band up and see you are registered directly with NSF and/or UL.
UL certified