Here are the answers of the most common questions we are asked from our valued customers.

A. Yes, if you ship directly from a supplier and supply COA.
A. Four to eight weeks, depending on production schedule.
A. The economy of scale starts at 1,000 bottles but you can order lower amounts.
A. All testing required by FDA’s GMP. This includes micro, heavy metal, identity of raw materials, purity, and finished goods testing.
A. It’s a regulation designed to protect consumers from toxins, unfortunately, it disproportionally affects botanical supplements and unfairly so, since herbs often contain naturally occurring lead in the product. The lead levels have to be tested, if not the label owner can be on the hook for massive fines even if located outside of California.
A. They verify our GMP certification. Please request the details from us.
A. Allowable claims that stay within FDA’s GMP regulatory framework and do not raise red flags with Amazon and other sales channels.

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