Private Label

Private Labels

How do you define “Private Label Supplements” aka “White Label Supplements”?

What’s the difference between those and Contract Manufacturing?

Private Label is defined as a supplement product a manufacturer creates and stores in their warehouse without attaching a label to it. Once a Brand Owner orders those either of them put the label on the supplements. This reduces the minimum amount needed to be ordered. Typically the minimum amount is only 12 bottles. 

Contract Manufacturing of Supplements allows the Brand Owner to market a unique formula, however the amount of products needed to be ordered are typically 2,000 bottles (60 capsules per bottle). The most popular presentation of supplements is are encapsulated formulas.

PureNSM is primarily engaged in the Contract Manufacturing business. We stock two Private Labels, both are CBN/CBD Sleep Supplements. Check them out here.

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Private label supplements are defined as supplement products that have been manufactured by one company and marketed by another company.

We only offer two products ready for private label.

Sleep remedies are one of the largest categories in the supplement industry. Now take advantage of a new ingredient mix: CBN/CBD which together with the more established ingredients enhance the effectiveness when taken together.