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Extended-Slow-Release Tablets

Avoiding the HPMC Fast Release and Delayed Release Capsules (for a good reason)

When it comes to differentiating your supplement brand in a saturated market, understanding the nuances of your products is paramount. This blog post will delve into the world of extended-slow-release nutritional supplements, exploring how they work and their role in promoting better health. Many supplement brands in Europe have dietary supplements featuring extended-slow-release delivery. For example, you can’t buy vitamin C without the slow release feature! It’s time for us in the US to catch up. Not only is it profitable, to differentiate your supplement products, it helps you follow the multi decade long wave of consumer that desire transparency and purity. In this way it will ultimately help your supplement marketing.
We’ll compare fast-release versus extended-slow-release formulas, providing insights that can help you position your supplement brand strategically. The potential drawbacks of fast release veggie caps will be analyzed from both cost-effectiveness and chemical content perspectives.
Furthermore, we’ll discuss enhanced bioavailability with extended slow release tablets and its impact on overall health. We’ll link this to reduced side effects & increased consumer satisfaction – two crucial elements for any successful supplement brand. We are also pointing out that the technical development of tablets have made a huge leap forward when it comes to using pure, “table-top” ingredients, consumers know and trust. Transparency and purity will ultimately increase your supplement sales. Gone are the days of poorly made tablets that where so thoroughly criticized in the past.

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The Magic of Extended-Slow-Release Nutritional Supplements

Extended-slow-release nutritional supplements are rocking the health and wellness world. These genius products gradually release nutrients, just like our bodies do naturally. The result? Maximum absorption, minimal waste, and supercharged health.

How do extended-slow-release supplements work?

Unlike regular supplements that dump all their goodies at once, extended-slow-release formulas take their time to break down in your body. This slow process ensures a steady flow of essential vitamins, minerals and botanicals into your bloodstream over hours or even a whole day.
By mimicking our body’s natural nutrient absorption, these supplements make sure you get the most out of each dose without overwhelming your system. It’s like a nutrient party that lasts all day long.
Extended slow release

What is the Extended-Slow-Release Core of the Tablet Made From?

The core of an extended slow-release tablet, a game-changer in dietary supplements, comprises MCC (Microcrystalline Cellulose), HPMC (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose), Silicon Dioxide, and Stearic Acid. Unlike most supplement brands that use capsules which are highly processed, our natural supplement brand hilma utilizes this innovative technology to offer superior nutrient delivery.

The Role of HPMC in Slow Release Tablets

HPMC plays a pivotal role as it is considered the “active” ingredient. This component has unique properties that allow for controlled release over time. Approximately three percent of the core dissolves when exposed to stomach acid but does not erode further until reaching the intestines where it forms a gel layer on its exterior surface.
This protective gel layer isn’t permeable by stomach acid; instead, it requires alkaline liquid found within your colon to slowly dissolve any further. The erosion rate depends on various factors such as pH level and temperature but also relies heavily on what “actives” or additional ingredients are included in each individual tablet formula.

Erosion Tests: Ensuring Quality and Efficacy

In order to ensure we deliver only top-quality dietary supplements with accurate dissolution rates, we conduct rigorous erosion tests using our disintegration lab tester. If 33% of a tablet consists of specialized HPMC like ours do at PureNSM—a stellar example among supplement startups ready—it will take approximately seven hours for complete breakdown within your system.
This meticulous attention towards product packaging along with care-of’s personalized supplements plan contributes significantly to creating strong brand messaging rituals that resonate with consumers seeking transparency and purity from their chosen supplement products—an essential aspect behind running a successful marketing strategy for any highly profitable supplement business today!

Why are slow nutrient releases so awesome?

Extended-slow-release supplements have some serious perks when it comes to your health:

  • Better Absorption: Slow and steady wins the race. Your body has more time to absorb all those nutrients before they say goodbye.
  • Sustained Energy: No more energy rollercoasters. These supplements keep you going strong all day, no crashes allowed.
  • Fewer Doses Needed: Say goodbye to pill-popping marathons. With extended release, you can take fewer doses and still reap the benefits.
  • Better Value: The consumer gets more out of each dosage
  • Cleaner, More Transparent: Consumers want purity and transparency. No-one knows how the capsules are made!
  • Reduce costs and Differentiate: Develop a strong brand identity, differentiating means being different!

And that’s not all. Since these supplements play nice with your digestion, they can also help reduce pesky side effects like upset stomach or bathroom troubles. It’s a win-win for your body.

So, if you’re on a mission for top-notch well-being through balanced nutrition, extended-slow-release nutritional supplements are your secret weapon. Whether you’re filling dietary gaps or boosting specific areas like bone strength or heart health, these little wonders have got your back. Get ready to level up your health game.
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Unlock the magic of extended-slow-release supplements for maximum nutrient absorption and sustained energy. Level up your health game today. #Wellness #Nutrition

Fast-Release Vs Extended-Slow-Release Formulas

In the world of nutritional supplements, it’s like choosing between a hipster farmer and a regular Joe. Let’s compare and contrast to decide which is best for you.

Defining Extended-Slow-Release Tablets Vs Regular HPMC Capsules

Extended-slow-release formulas are like the cool kids at the farmers market. They’re made from pure and transparent ingredients – fully disclosed – with names people understand. Created without solvents or hidden processing methods, grown without synthetic pesticides or GMOs.

On the other hand, regular HPMC capsules are like your average Joe. They may incorporate some natural elements (inside the capsule), but they harbor hidden secrets (in the clear capsule itself). Like you can imagine its much harder to create a plant based capsule than gelatin capsule. In fact corporations use all manner of industrial solvents in the process, including toluene, acetone, and methanol (the type of solvents varies with each manufacturer) as processing aids. Still, the product as a whole delivers a lot of nutrients, but all at once, which often is not desirable.

Discover the difference between extended-slow-release formulas and the regular HPMC capsule for superior nutrient delivery in your supplements. Choose wisely. #health #nutrition

Drawbacks of Regular HPMC "Veggie" Caps

But hold on, there’s more to these capsules than meets the eye. Brace yourself for some not-so-beneficial truths.

The Pricey Predicament

While veggie caps may seem like the virtuous choice, they come with a hefty price tag. Turns out, the complex process of making them from tree or bamboo based cellulose drives up the cost of your supplement. Yes, HPMC is not made from veggies. So, you’re paying more for something that might not be so healthy… or honest. Highly profitable supplement businesses have chosen to use HPMC capsules to accommodate vegetarians and include this segment of the market. We believe this is a mistake. Due to the nature of those capsules, as has been pointed out by numerous health leaders, the HPMC capsule may not be as transparent, honest or as healthy as it looks like. If you are a supplement startup ready to get into the market, then take advantage of this Achilles heel of the industry.

Questionable Chemical Content

Here’s the scoop on the chemical front. Have you ever tried to make an HPMC capsule? Of course not. You have no idea how hard it is. Gelatin capsules are hundred-times purer than HPMC capsules and are much easier to create. They don’t use solvents and contain only one ingredients: cowhide. However when manufacturers make HPMC capsules they need to overcome many problems that are impossible to overcome without the use of processing aids, such as solvents. That’s just what the capsule contains, when it comes down to filling those tiny capsules supplement manufacturers need to use substances like magnesium stearate or silicon dioxide to help powder flow into the caps. But wait, there’s a catch. These substances may be hazardous if taken in excess over a prolonged period. Especially for those who are immune compromised. Yikes.

Fast-Release, Fast Waste

Picture this: you pop a fast-release cap, and it dissolves in a flash. Sounds convenient, right? Well, not so fast. Your body won’t get the advantage of all the beneficial nutrients before they’re dumped to the bladder or liver for storage. Talk about a wasted opportunity.
So, are fast-release veggie caps really worth it? With their high costs, questionable chemicals, and rapid nutrient discharge, it’s time to explore better alternatives that offer maximum benefits without the unnecessary drawbacks.

Discover the drawbacks of fast-release veggie caps: high costs, questionable chemicals, and wasted nutrients. Find better alternatives for maximum benefits. #supplements #healthyliving

Enhanced Bioavailability with Extended Slow Release Tablets

The world of nutritional supplements is always evolving, and the latest buzz is all about extended slow release tablets. These little wonders enhance bioavailability, so you can absorb every single nutrient without any pesky side effects.

How improved bioavailability boosts your health

The fraction of a nutrient that your body absorbs is what bioavailability refers to. With a regular supplements delivered in HPMC capsules, only a fraction of the good stuff gets absorbed. But with extended slow release tablets, you get closer to receiving the full benefit of the nutrients packed in the supplement.
That’s a total transformation for your well-being. Better nutrient absorption means more energy, a stronger immune system, sharper brain function, and faster muscle recovery. Plus, you won’t be flushing your money down the toilet by paying for nutrients that go unused.

Less side effects, more satisfaction

Extended slow release tablets not only boost nutrient absorption, but they also minimize those annoying side effects that some people experience with regular supplements. No more tummy troubles or bloating.

  • The gradual release mechanism gives your body time to process each dose effectively. (like food)
  • Less stress on your digestive system means fewer unpleasant reactions.
These benefits have made extended slow-release tablets a top choice for many consumers. They’re living healthier lives and actually enjoying their supplement routine. It’s a win-win.
So if you’re in the supplement game, consider adding extended-slow-release technology to your products. It’s the smart choice for both brand owners and customers alike.

Boost your health with extended slow release tablets. Enhanced bioavailability means more nutrient absorption and fewer side effects. #supplements #healthyliving

Rise of the Extended Slow Release Tablet

Step aside, regular supplements. There’s a new player in town – the extended release tablet. It’s like the superhero of nutritional supplements, with its long-lasting effects.


Before you embark on creating an extended slow release supplement, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do the ingredients and function of your supplement benefit from slow release? Digestive enzymes, energy supplements, pain reliving supplements most definitely don’t.
  • Consider using the good old fashioned gelatin capsule.
  • Are you adopting too early to something that is unproven? Test this on one of your supplement SKUs and use the right description and information stream to your clients.


Gone are the days of excessive chemical based tablets. Now tablets are made from clean ingredients. Organic certification with tablets is easy! Extended slow release of tablets, over a period of 8 to 10 hours is also easily accomplished!
Our Extended-SLOW-Release (ESR) formulas release nutrients SLOWLY throughout the day and night, much like food is digested. This means that your customers can experience the benefits of the nutrients throughout the day.


The ingredients in ESR form a gel, through which the active ingredients diffuse. When the tablet interacts with the stomach acids, it forms a gel out of about 3-5% of the tablet, leaving 95% of the tablet to be slowly eroded in the intestines. While a fast release tablet disintegrates all at once, ESR tablet forms a gel and then slowly erodes over time, while it gets smaller and smaller.


The rate of release of active ingredients can easily be adjusted. The rate of erosion is controlled by the ESR formula used and the combination of the clean label ingredients found in ESR. High viscous compounds form a hard gel that results in slower release of actives whereas low viscous compounds form a light gel that release active faster.


The ingredients in ESR meet clean label requirements:
  • Magnesium Stearate-free
  • Natural, Organic version available
  • Palm Oil-free
  • Silica-free
  • Silicon dioxide-free
  • Synthetic Polymers-free
  • Talc-free
  • Titanium dioxide-free


ESR comes in two varieties, regular and organic. Both only use clean, non chemical based, ingredients. Organic certification requires that all ingredients and processing aids used in the production process meet certain criteria, including being free from synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals.

Three main reasons to consider turning away from veggie caps:

We predict the consumer will turn away from “Veggie Caps” based on the following reasons. Be on the forefront and make the switch now. Choose either Tapioca Caps or Tablets.
  1. “Veggie Caps” are created with help from highly processed chemicals.
  2. “Veggie Caps” can never receive organic certification.
  3. Majority of the Actives in “Veggie Caps” are dumped.

“Veggie Caps” are created with help from highly processed chemicals:

The majority of supplements come in what are called “Veggie Caps”, which are also called HPMC caps. To manufacture HPMC capsules solvents, such as toluene, acetone, and methanol (the type of solvents varies with each manufacturer) are used as processing aids and then removed from the formula prior to manufacturing of the capsules.

“Veggie Caps” can never receive organic certification:

Veggie Caps are created from highly processed synthetic chemicals that can NEVER be classified as organic.

Majority of the Actives in “Veggie Caps” are dumped:

Because of the high price and additional chemicals, most HPMC capsules are fast release. This means that within an hour all the ingredients have been dumped in the stomach. In the majority of cases the body will dump 50% to 90% of the active ingredient or burden the liver with storing them. Studies have for example shown that the body limits the absorption of vitamin C.
Research has suggested that many active ingredients used in supplements are degraded or destroyed when exposed to stomach acid. Some examples of this are probiotics, vitamin B1, B2, C, and CoQ10 in addition to a variety of expensive amino acids based supplements.

Other Benefits:

There are many benefits from ESR, as outlined below. Perhaps the most impressive benefit is that it helps the body absorb 100% of the expensive nutrients you are selling them!

100% Utilization of Actives

Instead of utilizing less than 50% of the nutrients you can help your customers to naturally utilize 100% and thereby more effectively build up reserves in the body as they continue the regimen daily. You are basically giving the body a chance to absorb the nutrients safely and slowly over a period of a whole day instead of asking it to take what it can use within an hour and dump the rest. It just makes sense!
  1. Longer Lasting Effects
    Extended-release tablets are designed to release the active ingredient slowly over a longer period of time, which means that the supplement may have a more sustained effect on the body.
  2. Improved Compliance
    Extended-release tablets typically require less frequent dosing compared to immediate-release tablets, which may improve patient compliance with taking the supplement as directed.
  3. Reduced Side Effects
    Because the supplement is released slowly over time, there may be a lower risk of side effects compared to immediate-release tablets, which release the supplement more rapidly.
  4. Improved Bioavailability
    Some supplements may have improved bioavailability when delivered in an extended-release formulation. This may be due to factors such as improved absorption in the gastrointestinal tract or reduced degradation of the active ingredient.
  5. More Natural Dosages
    Humans evolved assimilating nutrients over time, vitamin D for example is generated over a longer period like the dosages of our extended-release tablets. Minerals, amino acids, and phytochemicals are much the same, the nutrients are released over the whole day when eating unprocessed foods.
  6. More Economical
    The consumer gets more out of each dosage because the effect lasts longer and because of that almost none of the nutrients are released by the body as it is overloaded with nutrients like vitamin C. The brand also saves on not having to pay for the capsules.
  7. Cleaner!
    Best Choice for Vegetarians! Cleaner than “Veggie Caps”
    Did you know all the “Veggie Caps” out there are made with highly processed chemicals. You would never ever eat those chemicals in your food. The capsule makers don’t disclose those since they are process chemicals. Our extended-release enteric action tablet is a much cleaner choice for vegetarians.
  8. Organic
    Our extended-release enteric action tablet can be made organic for less than “Veggie” Caps.

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