PureNSM provides economical and accurate encapsulation services

PureNSM was founded in 1993 specifically to encapsulate supplements without excipients such as magnesium stearate and other chemicals. We are the pioneers in pure manufacturing.

We Can Encapsulate WITHOUT Magnesium Stearate:

Should you as a brand owner want a “clean label” you have come to the right place. We avoid excipients with hard-to-pronounce “chemically” sounding names that many customers don’t like. We use a multiprong strategy to achieve this:
  1.  We have throughout the years invested in specialized equipment.
  2.  Further our entire culture, from quality control to managers to machine operators are focused on purity over maximum productivity.
  3. We don’t expect our machines to run at maximum speeds, often we run at about 25% of maximum speed to achieve our purity goals.
  4. We are experts in using various rice extracts instead of magnesium stearates.
We understand that magnesium stearate along with other chemically sounding names can create a doubt in customers minds and put a damper on sales. Mag stearate is highly processed and the theory is that it can hinder absorption.
Customer desire clean labels

PureNSM manufactures both with and without magnesium stearates. The choice is yours. Manufacturing without mag stearate takes more labor hours and is therefore sometime more expensive. You need to decide what market you are going offer.

High end customers are avoiding chemicals like Mag Stearate. We can help you clean your label up!

We ALSO Encapsulate WITH Magnesium Stearate:

A perfect flow results in faster encapsulation and less costly capsules. Therefore, we work with brand owners on finding the perfect balance for their product. Some brands don’t mind magnesium stearate to lower their cost and if their product also happens to contain “sticky” powders we will suggest they use magnesium stearate.

We encapsulate in the following size capsules:

The following size tooling is available for our automatic encapsulation machines.

capsules Size
Representative Capsule Size Typical fill weight (mg)
Actual fill weights may vary and Depend On powder characteristics
Volume Theoretical Locked length   External diameter Cut length Single wall thickness Weight Avg. of 100
Approximate Capsule size From largest To smallest Powder density (ml) +/- 0.76 (mm) Tolerance (mm) +/- 0.51 (mm) +/- 0.03 (mm) +/- 10% (mg)
0.45 (Light) 0.70 (Typical) 1.00 (Heavy) Component
000 615 960 1370 1.37 26.14 Cap 9.91 12.95 0.112 163
Body 9.55 22.20 0.110
00 430 665 950 0.95 23.30 Cap 8.53 11.74 0.109 118
Body 8.18 20.22 0.107
0 305 475 680 0.68 21.70 Cap 7.65 10.72 0.107 96
Body 7.34 18.44 0.104
1 225 350 500 0.50 19.40 Cap 6.91 9.78 0.104 76
Body 6.63 16.61 0.102
2 165 260 370 0.37 18.00 Cap 6.35 8.94 0.102 61
Body 6.07 15.27 0.099
3 135 210 300 0.30 15.90 Cap 5.82 8.08 0.092 48
Body 5.56 13.59 0.890
4 95 145 210 0.21 14.30 Cap 5.31 7.21 0.096 38
Body 5.05 12.19 0.091

Large Capacity:

PureNSM operates 9 encapsulation machines, many of them quite large fit for production runs of 5 million to 30 million capsules or more. We operate a blender capable of blending 1000kg per blend.

Read about our label claim and quality processes here.

Other Ingredients

Instead of Magnesium Stearate We Use Ingredients Such As:
rice flour image

Rice Flour

image of rice

Rice Extract Blend

image of rice concentrate

Rice Concentrate

Pure products demand a higher price! Stand out from the rest by manufacturing pure products in a GMP Certified facility. Provide information such as below to your clients to remove any doubt about your products. Many people hesitate to purchase when they see chemically sounding names under other ingredients!

We encapsulate in the following size capsules:

Please note that we are one of the few that encapsulate into size “000” capsules.