PureNSM's primary capability is to encapsulate powder into capsules without Magnesium Stearate.

PureNSM was founded in 1993 specifically to manufacture supplements without excipients such as magnesium stearate and other chemicals. We are the pioneers in pure manufacturing. Our entire culture and way of manufacturing is centered around the creation of the most pure supplements possible. 

For this to work we have through several decades of work invested in specialized equipment. Further our entire culture, from quality control to managers to operators centers around this common goal to make pure products above all else. This is our mission and it trumps speed of manufacturing. We are experts in using various rice extracts instead of magnesium stearates. 

With all this said, of course we can also manufacture products with magnesium stearate! Sometimes it is impossible to get powders to flow into those tiny capsules without magnesium stearates, in this case the brand owners have to make a decision of either changing the formula or creating a formula with magnesium stearate.

Let us help you out with your next encapsulation job! We offer a PRICE GUARANTEE for the same level of quality.

Our entire manufacturing process follows a rigorous documented process overseen by your Quality Assurance Team and Quality Control Team. Every step of the process is documented and signed for per FDA 21 CFR Part 111. We are audited every 6 months or so by UL and NSF.

PS: If you ever suspect your current manufacturer is using mag stearate in your products, then consult with us. There may be ways we can test for it in your products, using particle size analytical equipment.

Other Ingredients

Instead of Magnesium Stearate We Use Ingredients Such As:
rice flour image

Rice Flour

image of rice

Rice Extract Blend

image of rice concentrate

Rice Concentrate

Pure products demand a higher price! Stand out from the rest by manufacturing pure products in a GMP Certified facility. Provide information such as below to your clients to remove any doubt about your products. Many people hesitate to purchase when they see chemically sounding names under other ingredients!

We encapsulate in the following size capsules:

Please note that we are one of the few that encapsulate into size “000” capsules.
image of different sizes of pills

Our capsules are amazingly easy to swallow

We also make size “4” capsules that are ideal for high-value products with small dosage requirements.

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