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PureNSM operates 45 station 10 ton tablet presses that are capable of up to 4500 tablets per minute. We calculate the price based on the time it takes to manufacture, therefore you will get a great price! We welcome large orders.

Type of Tablets We Make

Specialty Tablet Capabilities

Tablets make an interesting delivery vehicle for many types of products.

Extended-Slow-Release Tablets

Our extended-slow-release formulas slowly release nutrients throughout the day and night, much like food is digested. This means that your customers can experience the benefits of the nutrients throughout the day, without the need for multiple doses, and without the side effects of overloading your system with nutrients all at once.
Instead of utilizing less than 50% of the nutrients you can help your customers to naturally utilize 100% and thereby more effectively build up reserves in the body as they continue the regimen daily. You are basically giving the body a chance to absorb the nutrients safely and slowly over a period of a whole day instead of asking it to take what it can use within an hour and dump the rest.
It just makes sense! (plus, it less expensive and can be made organic) More information here!

Functional Mint Tablets

Functional Mint Tablets

Introducing our functional mint tablets, designed to freshen your breath and support your health in one delicious package. Each tablet contains a blend of natural mint flavors and functional ingredients to give you a refreshing burst of flavor and wellness benefits.
Your functional mint tablets can contain ingredients like chlorophyll, which helps to neutralize bad breath and support digestive health, along with other functional ingredients like vitamin C and zinc, to support your immune system and overall well-being.
These tablets are perfect for busy professionals, travelers, and anyone who wants to maintain fresh breath and optimal health on-the-go. Simply pop a tablet into your mouth and enjoy the fresh minty taste while receiving all the added benefits of our functional ingredients.

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ODTs tablets are formulated with the intention to improve dissolution rates of particular actives. ODTs should dissolve in the mouth within 60 seconds without the use of water. Conventional buccal, lozenges, and sublingual tablets require more than a minute to dissolve in the mouth. ODTs make an excellent match for consumers who have issues swallowing. Read More...

Chewable Tablets

Chewable tablets are a dosage form that is intended to be chewed rather than swallowed. Taste is a substantial consideration when formulating both ODT and Chewable tablets. A well designed Chewable tablet will disintegrate smoothly in the mouth. It will have a favorable texture and taste while being chewed, and maintain structural integrity until the end consumer receives the product. Read More...

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Proprietary Compressed Functional Gum

Chewing gum is a widely used stimulating experience. This makes for an interesting delivery system for a wide range of functional ingredients. Chewing gum can offer many inherent health benefits such as increasing focus and concentration, stress relief, weight management and help to freshen bad breath. Pure NSM’s proprietary low heat compression technology mitigates many limitations that extruded confectionery processes have.

Oral Care with Tablets

Products we’ve manufactured:

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Toothpaste Tablets

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Teeth Whitening

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Mouthwash Tablets

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Oral Probiotics


Nano-Hydroxyapatite Chewable tablets

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