Invest in PureNSM

Invest in PureNSM

The Opportunity:

We are seeking a minority partner to take us from $10MM in revenue to $50MM in revenue.

Why Partner With Us:

  • Manufacturing since 1993 Excellent reputation
  • PureNSM Focus Encapsulation of supplements without magnesium stearate Liposomal/Nano supplements
  • Large laboratory, BSL-2 micro lab ICP-MS, HPTLC, FTIR, HPLC
  • 100s of satisfied customers
  • GMP certified by UL since 2017 NSF since 2014 – 2023
  • Just completed a million-dollar renovation of our 45,000 square foot facility
  • Our production capacity is now over 91 million capsules/month and have the capacity for 5x growth in our current facility

Why We Approached You:

  • You are a CMO and want representation on the west coast, we are in San Diego
  • You are a CMO and you don’t like your customers DUAL SOURCING
  • You are eager to expand capacity
  • You want to bring more production in-house
  • You want more control of your manufacturing process
  • You want to manufacture nano and liposomal raw materials or finished goods
  • Your company has a quality reputation in the industry to schedule a meeting
  • You want your brand displaying GMP icons from UL to increase trust

Oskar Thorvaldsson, CEO PureNSM

For Additional Information Contact Oskar:    Mobile / Text: 1-619-957-1918     Email: