• No Carrageenan and No Surfactants in HPMC Capsules: Eliminates the risk associated with carrageenan. Made utilizing thermogelation process. Made in North America!
  • No BSE/TSE in Gelatin Capsules: Ensures safety from transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSE) and bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE). Made in North America!
  • No Amount of Magnesium Stearate Used (unless approved in writing): We at PureNSM guarantee not to use any amount of magnesium stearate without your explicit approval for any use of any excipient. PureNSM breaks with industry practices to not declare Magnesium Stearate even if it’s used in quantity of less than 3%. We would seek approval for < 0.1%.

Why a Guarantee is Needed?

Problematic Regulations have Damaged Consumer Trust: FDA rule 21 CFR 101.100(a)(3)(ii) states that if a processing ingredient does not have a functional effect on the finished product and is present at insignificant levels, it is not required to be declared on the product label. In general, this regulation is relied on by the supplement industry. PureNSM breaks with this industry practice.

  • Carrageenan Risks: HPMC capsule manufacturers frequently use carrageenan as a gelling agent when manufacturing the capsules without stating so on their COA or labels. Carrageenan has been linked to potential health risks such as inflammation and cancer.
  • Magnesium Stearate Risks: As a rule, the use of 3% or below of Magnesium Stearate is not declared on labels by manufacturers. When you see this excipient declared on labels it’s because it’s used in quantities above 3%. You don’t want this ingredient mixed with your active ingredients since it may lower absorption and has become unpopular with consumers. Further, you can only claim your supplement is hypoallergenic if there is zero amount of magnesium stearate used.