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Natural Vitamin E

We have reached an agreement with American River Nutrition, Inc. (ARN) to bottle and label orders for those wanting to have their product contract manufactured for them. This means that those who want to add the superior form of natural vitamin E to their line without investing in high minimum quantities can now have a solution. With Natural Vitamin E you no longer have to order the minimums. Of the following items, you can now order 1/3rd the quantity:

  • DeltaGold 50 Tocotrienol Oil = Minimum 15kg pail
  • DeltaGold® 35 Powder = Minimum 25kg packs
  • We also have a 50mg softgel = Minimum 70,000 capsules

Annatto tocotrienol (DeltaGold ®) is developed by American River Nutrition, Inc. It has the highest concentration of delta- and gamma-tocotrienols that is commercially available (90% deltaT3 and 10% gammaT3) and is tocopherol-free. Annatto tocotrienol is nature-sourced, patent-protected, and extracted through a non-solvent process. Learn more about DeltaGOLD.

ARN manufactures and sells the purest natural form of DELTA TOCOTRIENOL available in the world. Delta Tocotrienol is rapidly becoming known as the best-in-class Tocotrienol for Cardiovascular Health, Cardiometabolic Health, and Cellular Health. Explore how you can extend your product lines, synergize existing lines, and invent new lines. CONTACT US for a general inquiry, or request a QUOTE with details on your specific applications. See more information at American River Nutrition

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