Outdated Bioterror Protection

Supplements are Relying on Outdated Bioterror Protection from 1982

In 1982 there had been a string of deaths because of Tylenol that had been tampered with and filled with potassium cyanide in Chicago. This resulted in seven deaths, and several other deaths attributed to subsequent copycat crimes. 

VeriGMP® is proposing a new control system that would work to reduce this risk significantly.

Brands Allow Returns and Resell "Unopened" Bottles

It’s no secret that Amazon allows returns! What is a secret is that the brands receive returned products and resell them on Amazon and elsewhere if the seals “look” intact.

It’s becoming obvious that reselling supplements that have been out of control of the brand invites security risks.

Visual checks are not sufficient to check whether a bottle was tampered with before it was returned. We have a solution that solves that problem. Keep reading to find out what that is. 

Don't Safety Seals Protect Against Tampering?

While safety seals on bottles were originally used to protect against tampering to avoid future bioterror incidents and were originally very effective in doing so, they have now been rendered obsolete, as the seals are available to anyone online. Look at this link to Amazon:

Safety seals and neckbands with the standard “SEALED FOR YOUR PROTECTION” are available online from various merchants, such as Amazon or Alibaba. All a person needs to fake a safety seal on a vitamin bottle is a hair dryer to make it look professionally sealed by the brand. 

What Is the Solution "SEALED FOR YOUR PROTECTION" Seals?

VeriGMP® proposes that “SEALED FOR YOUR PROTECTION” seals and neckbands be replaced with newly designed versions that are not available online. A GMP certified CMO already has a tight label control procedure. It’s easy to add the neckbands to that procedure to keep them under tight control.

Bottle seals and neckbands that cannot be purchased online but are made to order by the CMO and controlled by them per GMP label controls, would make it harder for bioterrorists from being able to poison customers. It’s all about building a brand that consumers trust.

What is needed in the supplement industry above all else is a system that enables consumers to trust brands again. This is now completely absent. VeriGMP provides an excellent solution!

An Investment Opportunity:

VeriGMP Lab Logistics and Quality Communication System  100% Compostable Vitamin Bottles PureNSM Group plans to go public within a year. However we are now raising funds (Equity Crowd Funding) to disrupt both quality communication in the industry with the VeriGMP® system as well as promoting the use of 100% compostable vitamin bottles. Both projects are welcomed by many brand owners. (link to investment plans).

Amazon will eventually catch on and start rewarding quality and it will be easier with the help of VeriGMP.

The story of PureNSM Group started in 1993 when we established our supplement factory. We now have 45,000 sq ft, over $14m in revenue and over $4m in sales from our own brand of supplements. We have a fully GMP trained staff. Certified GMP by UL since 2017 and by NSF since 2014.

Oskar Thorvaldsson, CEO
PureNSM, VeriGMP, Dr. Clark Store, Bernard Jensen’s, Pick Pack America
Cell Phone: 619-957-1918
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