Amazon's New Mandate:
Enhanced Testing and
Manufacturing Standards
for Supplement Brands

Amazon, a leading player in the e-commerce industry, who delivers 77% of all supplements sold online, has recently rolled out a groundbreaking update to its regulations governing supplement brands. Commencing on April 2, 2024, this mandate stipulates that all dietary supplements vended on its platform must undergo thorough testing and be produced in facilities accredited with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification.

Notably, Amazon’s initial scrutiny will be directed towards three specific categories of supplements:
  • Sexual Enhancement 
  • Sports Performance
  • Diet Support

* Same requirements will be required shortly for all other supplements

This is not a drill, Amazon has already refused shipments from brands. Take action in order to not be the next one! Even if your product is not in the above categories.

Steps you should take:

Amazon is inching their way towards a less risky business model of shielding customers from potentially substandard or unsafe dietary products. We suggest you do the same by only contracting with factories that have at least 5 years of experience in running a GMP certified operation. If you are not already doing so, please contact PureNSM here to discuss your production needs!

PureNSM has over 10 years of experience maintaining a GMP certification and over 31 years of manufacturing experience. Remember that a PDF of a GMP certificate is not a reliable way to verify the current status of the factory. Instead, for example if you want to verify a UL certification then follow those steps:

  • You start by going to the UL website, HERE
  • Scroll down
  • Click Plus (+) sign next to “Retail Certification Program (RCP)”
  • Search PureNSM

Don’t Be Mislead!

For NSF it can be a bit trickier to verify them since they have 3 GMP certifications. Click here to read about how to avoid being misled by factories holding the wrong GMP certification from NSF, more on that here.

Sexual Enhancement Supplements: This category, often associated with dubious claims and dubious ingredients, will face heightened scrutiny. Brands catering to sexual enhancement will now be required to substantiate the safety and efficacy of their offerings through conclusive testing measures to maintain a presence on Amazon’s platform.

Sports Performance Supplements: Geared towards fitness enthusiasts and athletes, sports supplements will be subjected to meticulous evaluation to ensure they are devoid of banned substances and accurately labeled, fostering transparency and confidence among consumers seeking performance-enhancing and recovery aids.

Diet Support Supplements: In a landscape saturated with weight management and nutritional supplements, this policy amendment guarantees that products aimed at supporting dietary goals and overall well-being adhere to uncompromising benchmarks of quality and safety, instilling assurance in customers seeking authentic solutions.

All Other Supplements: Technically the rule applies to all supplements immediately, ist just that the emphasis was placed on the 3 above categories. It’s a good business practice to minimize your risk and do everything to not have your inventory refused by Amazon. Taking immediate action is paramount. Contact PureNSM here to discuss!

Implications for Supplement Brands

The implementation of these new guidelines heralds a paradigm shift for supplement brands, necessitating a reevaluation of their production processes and partnerships. Entities not presently aligning with these heightened standards will confront a critical transition period to revamp their operations and meet Amazon’s revised prerequisites. This transformative phase underscores the significance of regulatory adherence and underscores the imperative for brands to prioritize consumer health and satisfaction.

For established brands already compliant with these rigorous requirements, this regulatory shift offers an opportunity to distinguish themselves as exemplars in a marketplace increasingly fixated on transparency and quality assurance. Conversely, it poses considerable challenges for nascent or smaller-scale brands compelled to obtain GMP certification and submit to rigorous product scrutiny, potentially influencing their competitive viability and market entry prospects.

Amazon’s recent protocol revision represents a bold stride towards fostering a safer and more accountable shopping environment for dietary supplements. By accentuating the importance of GMP certification and mandatory testing, especially in the high-risk segments of sexual enhancement, sports performance, and diet support supplements, Amazon sets a new benchmark in safeguarding consumer health. This proactive agenda likely signals a future where only the most diligent and transparent brands flourish, ultimately benefiting conscientious consumers and reshaping the horizon of the dietary supplement industry on Amazon’s extensive digital platform.

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