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Should the Supplement Industry Lend a Page from the Cannabis Industry?

The Proposal To Improve the Quality of Supplements Sold on Amazon

Managing a working system that effectively ensures that only quality products are sold to customers is an extremely arduous task. The proposed process for ensuring quality should help solve an otherwise difficult problem for both Amazon, as well as honest supplement brands on Amazon’s platform.

What Is This New Quality Control Proposal?

With the new quality control system, supplement brands and contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) alike would have the option to opt-in to have samples of their product picked up from their facility by VeriGMP®.

VeriGMP® would then match the sample with the most appropriate laboratory and have it tested. The brand or CMO would pay for the testing of the samples collected, but if it passes the product lot will become VeriGMP® verified, which would allow the brand to stamp this batch of products and related product advertising with the VeriGMP® verified trademark seal and with cooperation from Amazon show up higher on Amazon search results.

This process of picking up the sample instead of trusting the CMO or brands to ship a sample is now absolutely necessary because Amazon routinely allows brands that manufacture products in non-GMP-certified factories to be sold on its platform. Should the CMO be certified for over 3 years by either NSF or UL or both, they should be trusted to select their own sample, provided a VeriGMP® procedure of how to collect that sample is followed.

Amazon knows that Non-GMP-certified CMOs and Amazon Supplement Sellers alike are not to be trusted. This is why Amazon has written into the Amazon Seller contract that they can compare Amazon Sellers Certificate of Analysis (COA) to the laboratory’s original version through a backdoor to the lab which the CMO or brand has hired to analyze potency.

After speaking with one of the labs, yesterday, the lab tech told Oskar Thorvaldsson, CEO of PureNSM, that Amazon frequently logs in and looks up the test results of the original certificate of analysis (COA).

The current process is woefully inadequate because it relies on the CMO to pick the sample. This is obviously not prudent since Amazon has proven to itself that those CMOs and/or brands can’t be trusted not to falsify the COA!

Amazon is currently relying on companies that have proven to be so deceitful that Amazon engineered a backdoor to all the major quality labs in the land to find out if they falsified the COAs they submit. This has to change!

Brands Proven to be Made in GMP Certified Facilities and With Proven Potency Should Be Ranked Higher!

As a leader in the Clean Label movement, PureNSM is committed to delivering high quality, pureproducts to its customers. This is evidenced through rigorous testing, excipient-free supplements, andadherence to cGMP compliance. Invert is a natural extension of their mission to create the bestpossible product experience. In collaboration, customers should expect the same high qualitysupplements with the added benefits mentioned above.
So why not separate yourself from the pack and do a solid for Mother Earth? Contact us to learn more!


PureNSM Now Offering A Price and Quality Guarantee

In addition to focusing on manufacturing pure products under strict GMP control, audited by UL and NSF, PureNSM is now also offering a price guarantee. Oskar Thorvaldsson, CEO stated “as the economy of scale has kicked in we are now able to offer lower prices. As an example a single fill ingredient into size 0 capsule runs as low as $1.68 per bottle. Larger brands already have deals with raw material suppliers and in that case they supply us the raw materials. We of course test the raw materials prior to using them.” Quality is everything, but price is still important! Enquire here.

100% Compostable Vitamin Bottles and Quality Communication System

What is needed in the supplement industry above all else is a system that enables consumers to trust brands again. This is now completely absent. VeriGMP provides an excellent solution!

An Investment Opportunity:

VeriGMP Lab Logistics and Quality Communication System  100% Compostable Vitamin Bottles PureNSM Group plans to go public within a year. However we are now raising funds (Equity Crowd Funding) to disrupt both quality communication in the industry with the VeriGMP® system as well as promoting the use of 100% compostable vitamin bottles. Both projects are welcomed by many brand owners. (link to investment plans).

Amazon will eventually catch on and start rewarding quality and it will be easier with the help of VeriGMP.

The story of PureNSM Group started in 1993 when we established our supplement factory. We now have 45,000 sq ft, over $14m in revenue and over $4m in sales from our own brand of supplements. We have a fully GMP trained staff. Certified GMP by UL since 2017 and by NSF since 2014.

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