FREE Quality Analysis

FREE Quality Analysis

Your Revenue Growth Lives & Dies By Your Quality.

Does your company have quality down to a science?

Take advantage of PureNSM expertise in the supplement business. We are happy to share how you can possibly improve your product. We will help you improve your quality processes and get it down to a science.


The analysis we do for you on your product is strictly confidential.
Here is how we help you:
It all starts with you sending us your label, see form below. Then we create a report based on the below outline.

Step A

  • Review of the ingredients listed on your label
  1. List of ingredients that have potency claims? In which case they are testable
  2. How to verify the potency claims made on your label?
  3. How to reduce testing costs?

Step B

  1. How to analyze your herbal raw materials for identity?
    Over 30% of all herbal raw materials on the market are adulterated.
  2. How to verify your manufacturer actually buys the branded ingredients listed on your label?

Step C

  • We list the finished goods tests needed to make sure your manufacturer did a good job
  1. We list the questions to ask your existing manufacturer to ensure your raw materials are in your products in the right amounts.

Step D

  1. We outline what your quality control process should look like for this product.

BONUS ONE: We offer to analyze one of your finished product for heavy metal analysis for free using our ICP-MS

BONUS TWO: We offer to analyze one of your herbal raw materials for identification using our HPTLC provided we have the reference in our library. We have over 300 references. Should we not have it we will test your finished product for microbiological conformity to GMP regulations.

    • Coliforms 
    • Total E. coli
    • Yeast and Molds
    • Staphylococcus
    • Salmonella


To take advantage of our bonuses, you need to send us a sample of your product, or even better order one from Amazon and have it shipped directly to us.

Use this address: PureNSM, Attn: Oskar, 1065 Bay Blvd, Ste D, Chula Vista, CA 91911