How to evaluate supplement manufacturers?

It’s a common misunderstanding that the Supplement business is an unregulated “Wild West”. This is not true, however, unfortunately, FDA is not devoting resources to monitor and ensure adherence to the existing regulations on the books for both supplements and drugs.  Generic drugs sold in US pharmacies are mostly made in India [1] (just ask […]

Reasons Why You Need PureNSM.com As your Supplement Manufacturer!

Supplement manufacturing is a lucrative business worth billions of dollars, yet most supplement manufacturers use inappropriate testing methods. Most nutritional supplement manufacturers claim that their facilities are registered with the FDA. However, being registered with the FDA does not guarantee the purity of the ingredients used in private label supplement manufacturing and whether it complies […]


Here are a few qualities of the top nutrition supplements!

In the wake of the current pandemic (Covid-19), people worldwide have been taking more and more interest in strengthening their immune system. Chapman, A. 2020, Coronavirus UK: Five best supplements to boost your immune system amid coronavirus fears, London (UK) states that a weak immune system is likely to leave us highly prone to respiratory […]


Here Is Why You Should Avoid Magnesium Stearate!

The health supplements market is on the rise in the United States, as reported by the Council for Responsible Nutrition. The nutrition industry is worth $32 billion alone in the United States. At the same time, CRN reports that as many as 150 million Americans consume dietary supplements. With that being said, it is important […]


What every supplement brand should know about finished goods testing

Importance of testing With supplement manufacturers around every corner today, the need to understand the importance of finished goods testing is crucial. A good dietary supplement manufacturer should follow the established quality control process for supplement testing. Each product must be tested for quality, stability, efficacy, and safety to ensure that it is suitable for […]


Here are the things to look for before hiring a supplement manufacturer!

After figuring out which product to put out in the market, the most critical step to your product’s success is the supplement manufacturer you hire. The simple fact that your reputation and financial wellbeing depend upon the quality of your products can help you understand the importance of a good supplement manufacturer. Thus, choosing the […]


Heavy metals in supplements- Here is why supplement sellers must consider heavy metal testing!

In the USA, more than two-thirds of the population consume dietary supplements. These supplements may contain toxic metals  which can be both harmful and beneficial for the human body and their dosages have to be carefully monitored as too much heavy metal exposure can create health problems. The presence and levels of these heavy metals […]


Difference between Ultrasonic and High Pressure Homogenizer.

The process of homogenization involves creating a stable emulsion via subdivision of particles that are used in further processing. Homogenizers are used for the subdivision of particles and can range from small sized handheld homogenizers to large or industrial sized homogenizers. Choosing the right homogenizer for your specific application can be demanding as you need […]


3 Most Common FDA Violations Supplement Manufacturers make

The regulation of manufacturers that produce consumable products falls under the FDA or The Food and Drug Administration. FDA warning letters are issued to manufacturers that are found guilty of noncompliance with the established FDA regulations. The list of consumable products regulated by the FDA includes: 1- Dietary supplements 2- Medical devices 3- Personal care […]