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Seniors Care Capsules – 25 Billion CFU/cap, 180,000 Capsules

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Introducing Senior Care Probiotics – the ultimate solution for promoting a healthy gut microbiome and boosting overall health in the elderly. Based on extensive research, our probiotic supplement contains a unique blend of Bifidobacterium strains, which promote a more balanced intestinal flora.
Helps normalize the modulation of gut microbiota.

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Seniors Care Capsules

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Our Senior Care Probiotics supplement is designed to improve the body’s resistance to diseases and infections while inhibiting enzyme transformation, thereby maintaining the body’s immunity against swelling and pain.
Lactobacillus casei adjusts the proportion of gut microbiota, improves the barrier function of intestinal epithelial cells, and prevents bacterial translocation. Bifidobacterium lactis has an inhibitory effect on spoilage bacteria and low-temperature bacteria. It also activates the phagocytic activity of phagocytes in the body, improving anti-infection ability. Our supplement contains 25 billion live culture CFUs per serving, ensuring maximum potency and effectiveness.
Trust Senior Care Probiotics to support your loved ones’ health and well-being.

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