Broken Recycling

Are Your Customers Angry About Plastic?

Here is a Compostable Vitamin Bottle that Could Cure Them

Consumers have been misled and lied about plastic recycling for decades. Naturally they are angry and so is the Attorney General of California who is suing the fossil fuel and petrochemical industries for misleading the public. It turns out that our blue bins have about a 9% recycling rate and recycling plastic more than once results in toxic sludge. There you have it, our recycling program is an abject failure.

“We are upgrading our factory to be able to bottle into a 100% compostable bottle from a company called Invert. We have an exclusive packing agreement with them” said Oskar Thorvaldsson, CEO of PureNSM. “This bottle is the most obvious remedy to an angry consumer that doesn’t feel so great being lied to! End consumers are now shopping for minimum environmental impact. Our distributors estimate a 20% bump in sales just because of the obvious benefit this bottle has on the environment.”

PureNSM Group has plans to disrupt the vitamin bottle industry. Oskar Thorvaldsson, he explained that PureNSM is the only CMO in the world to offer 100% compostable vitamin bottles to his customers. It will disintegrate in your backyard! Compare that to the plastic bottles that will take 450 years to disintegrate.

People keep being misled about plastic, even today! Biodegradable plastic looks like plastic but is not recyclable and clogs up recycling lines. Consumers should not recycle biodegradable plastic.

So there is a great amount of confusion around plastic and biodegradable plastic, but not around our compostable bottles because they are so obviously 100% compostable!


compostable Bottle
Compostable Bottle

What is needed in the supplement industry above all else is a system that enables consumers to trust brands again. This is now completely absent. VeriGMP provides an excellent solution!

An Investment Opportunity:

VeriGMP Lab Logistics and Quality
Communication System 
100% Compostable Vitamin Bottles
PureNSM Group plans to go public within a year. However we are now raising funds (Equity Crowd Funding) to disrupt both quality communication in the industry with the VeriGMP® system as well as promoting the use of 100% compostable vitamin bottles. Both projects are welcomed by many brand owners. (link to investment plans). 


Amazon will eventually catch on and start rewarding quality and it will be easier with the help of VeriGMP.

The story of PureNSM Group started in 1993 when we established our supplement factory. We now have 45,000 sq ft, over $14m in revenue and over $4m in sales from our own brand of supplements. We have a fully GMP trained staff. Certified GMP by UL since 2017 and by NSF since 2014.

Oskar Thorvaldsson, CEO
PureNSM, VeriGMP, Dr. Clark Store, Bernard Jensen’s, Pick Pack America 
Cell Phone: 619-957-1918
Company Phone: 619-409-9077 ext 0  



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