Below are examples of Categories of Productswe manufacture in the following Product Presentations.

Product Presentations:


• Chemically Pure
• Without Excipients
• High Potency

Food Based
• Live and Raw
• Bioavailable

• Acid-Resistant Caps
• Tapioca “Vegan” Caps
• Gelatin Capsules
• Colored Capsules
• Your Brand Capsules

• Liquid made stable with minimum chemicals!
• Homogenized liquid
• Liposomal liquid
• Essential Oils
• Tinctures
• Liquid Supplements

• Back to basics —“hand made” formulations
• Complex liquid formulations
• Shampoos
• Soaps
• Deodorants
• Lotions
• Sunscreen
• Creams

• Protein
• Amino Acids

Categories of Products:

PureNSM has successfully helped companies launch products in the following categories:

Digestive Support

A properly functioning gastrointestinal tract is key to optimal nutrient absorption. When it comes to digestive support, PureNSM knows the importance of manufacturing enzymes and probiotics that don’t contain extra ingredients that the digestive system has to process. These additional ingredients, such as flow agents and fillers, make the digestive system work harder to break them down. Don’t waste the body’s energy digesting non-essential ingredients that provide no nutritional or functional support.

Bone & Joint Support

Bone and joint health allows us to be mobile and active. Strong bones and flexible joints can be nourished with a variety of vitamins and minerals. Don’t interrupt absorption of your bone health formula with manufacturing aids and flow agents that provide no nutritional or functional support within the body. PureNSM understands your desire to provide your customers with pure nutrient supplements to keep all 206 bones and the connecting joints healthy and mobile.

Sports Nutrition & Fitness

Whether your customers are professional athletes or weekend warriors, your sports nutrition formula needs to have the latest ingredients for endurance and muscle support. Don’t fall short in perfecting your sports and fitness formula by using manufacturing aids and product enhancers that provide no necessary function and hinder absorption of your carefully selected nutrients. PureNSM specializes in making pure nutritional supplements to support everyone’s inner athlete.

Weight Management

It’s hard enough to scrutinize food labels of everything you eat when you’re trying to drop a few pounds (or more). Save your customers the trouble Viagra generic of doing the same with your weight management supplements. PureNSM harnesses the less is more philosophy when it comes to manufacturing nutritional supplements. We believe that using less manufacturing agents (really, we prefer none) yields a finished product with more health benefits, such as easier digestion and better absorption of your nutritional formula.

Cognitive Health

The brain is like the body’s all-purpose storage unit, tucking away life experiences, emotions, and knowledge every day. Always having the key to unlock life’s stored memories and knowledge is critical for high functioning individuals on a daily basis. PureNSM recognizes the need for brain-boosting supplements that don’t cloud over the active nutrients in your cognitive health products with unnecessary and potentially toxic manufacturing agents.

Five Top Sellers According to Dr. Oz
1. Multi Vitamins: 100% RDA
2. Vitamin D
3. Cal Mag Supplements
4. Folic Acid
5. Omega 3

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