WARNING: Avoid “Drylabbing”

The only remedy for ensuring that the lab you hire isn’t “Drylabbing” is to send a known sample. We recommend you do so randomly. Dry labbing is when the lab claims to do research, but in reality just guessed the conclusion. In other words they are cheating! Make sure you contract manufacturer is not “Drylabbing” you!
It’s a bad sign if your contract manufacturer does not operate their own lab because even the best US suppliers sometimes send contaminated raw material – or mislabeled product to their customers – if the receiving company does not do rigorous testing – they will become known to be suckers and suckers always get the worst raw materials all the others are refusing.
Without an inhouse lab there is no reason to believe that the company will test often enough! Raw materials have to be tested EVERY TIME in accordance with cGMP regulations. The lab has to include a cGMP qualified microbiology testing equipment, an ICP and identification equipment such as an FTIR.
It is common that the “inhouse lab” only consists of a coliform stick. This is unacceptable – Also make sure they are actually using the lab they show you. There are “Dry Labs” out there. Ask them when they test for example for heavy metals and then go to the lab and observe when they test your KNOWN SAMPLE for FREE. If they don’t do that, how can you trust them?