Top Supplement Industry Trends - Transparency

Top Supplement Industry Trends- Transparency

Fueled by new ingredient discoveries, advances in health, research, and changing consumer desires, the supplement industry is undergoing a growth spurt. That means new products and new brands are constantly entering the market to claim their share of the multibillion dollar industry. What was popular a decade or even a year ago may be boring and irrelevant to today’s supplement user. Make sure your band doesn’t get lost among your competitors by staying on top of outdated industry trends.


Over the last five years we’ve seen a customer-lead drive for better transparency across most consumer good categories. This desire to know more about products doesn’t stop at where they come from, how they’re made, and quality of ingredients. Also on the minds of conscious consumers are standards of safety and testing, truth behind product claims, factory and labor conditions, as well as third-party verifications.

After recent headlines of supplement bands getting in trouble for selling adulterated products and making unsubstantiated claims, now more than ever is the time to reaffirm consumer trust in your products. Transparency helps to ease the feelings of mistrust when bad press tarnishes the supplement industry.

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