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H! I’m Oskar Thorvaldsson, Owner of PureNSM. I am on a mission. My mission is to enable you to realize greater health! The healthcare culture you are born into is not your friend! I know that first hand as my family suffered for it.
Everyday it’s becoming more and more obvious that our western health system favors patented pharmaceuticals at the expense of natural therapies. My mission is to counter this system and be part of creating the new health paradigm. I want you to join me!
We have been manufacturing since 1993 and always been ahead of the times. We have practiced manufacturing without magnesium stearate before it went mainstream.
Magnesium stearate is a highly processed fatty acid that is usually combined with other excipients to make powders flow more quickly and easily during manufacturing. This is a short cut taken by many manufacturers potentially at a cost to your health.
In 1993 we chose not to use magnesium stearate, stearic acid, or vegetable stearates as manufacturing aids.
We had concerns that the highly processed excipients commonly used in the industry were potentially harmful, and also make nutrient absorption unpredictable. People needed an alternative.
This is why we slowed down our production and have painstakingly honed our skills in manufacturing without chemical excipients. I am proud to say that we are now the leaders in manufacturing clean supplements.
Liquid supplements are becoming more and more popular. We have created a proprietary process to manufacture them without preservatives. Ask us how!
We have been on the Clean Label mission for over 20 years, and now it looks like the general public is joining us. According to Civic Science, preservatives and chemicals are people’s top concern. When 35% of people are concerned about chemicals and preservatives, it’s smart to keep those out of your supplements!
Join us for all the right reasons!

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Oskar Thorvaldsson

Owner/Founder PureNSM
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