Is Choosing Extended Release Right For Your Product?

Choosing extended release
comes with a number of benefits.
Is it right for your product?͏ ‌

Extended release graph

Dosing supplements in extended-release tablets can have several potential benefits:

  1. Longer Lasting Effects
    Extended-release tablets are designed to release the active ingredient slowly over a longer period of time, which means that the supplement may have a more sustained effect on the body.
  2. Improved Compliance
    Extended-release tablets typically require less frequent dosing compared to immediate-release tablets, which may improve patient compliance with taking the supplement as directed.
  3. Reduced Side Effects
    Because the supplement is released slowly over time, there may be a lower risk of side effects compared to immediate-release tablets, which release the supplement more rapidly.
  4. Improved Bioavailability
    Some supplements may have improved bioavailability when delivered in an extended-release formulation. This may be due to factors such as improved absorption in the gastrointestinal tract or reduced degradation of the active ingredient.
  5. More Natural Dosages
    Humans evolved assimilating nutrients over time, vitamin D for example is generated over a longer period like the dosages of our extended-release tablets. Minerals, amino acids, and phytochemicals are much the same, the nutrients are released over the whole day when eating unprocessed foods.
  6. More Economical
    The consumer gets more out of each dosage because the effect lasts longer and because of that almost none of the nutrients are released by the body as it is overloaded with nutrients like vitamin C. The brand also saves on not having to pay for the capsules.
  7. Cleaner!
    Best Choice for Vegetarians! Cleaner than “Veggie Caps”
    Did you know all the “Veggie Caps” out there are made with highly processed chemicals. You would never ever eat those chemicals in your food. The capsule makers don’t disclose those since they are process chemicals. Our extended-release enteric action tablet is a much cleaner choice for vegetarians.
  8. Organic
    Our extended-release enteric action tablet can be made organic for less than “Veggie” Caps.
Work with a CMO you can trust.
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