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Export to Europe and China

Export to Europe and China

Western Europe made up some 14% of global sales right behind Asia at 44% and USA at 32%. Europe’s segment is smaller but is growing faster than the US market at this time.

Italy, Germany, UK, French and Spain are the largest supplement markets in Europe. The problem is importing them is not easy.

Exporting to China

China is an enormous market that has great promise for those that can navigate through hurdles. China is a complex market to understand, especially when it comes to laws and regulations. People will tell you to get your product registered with the Chinese FDA – however many companies say that is a big mistake because in many cases you can import your supplement without approval as a supplement by re-labeling it as food! For example, Vitamin D becomes olive oil fortified with vitamin D.

China is in the process of drafting a new food-safety law, some say this law will prevent companies from importing tablets and capsules without registration. The reason is because fraud is so rampant in China that it’s safer to have people be able to act as their own quality controller using taste buds to prevent poisoning. So if you got liquid or powders or gummy based supplements – take them to China!