Ensuring that your contract factory tests your raw materials and finished goods using correct methods!

Dry-Labbing or testing with inappropriate test methods or simply not testing is more common than you think!!!

Avoid Dry Labbing

There’s a lot of hard work that goes into creating a new dietary supplement. Each step from the idea phase to finally selling your product requires planning and thoughtful decision-making. Choosing the right contract manufacturer is just one piece of the puzzle. But you’re risking your brand’s reputation and more if you’re putting so much trust in your contract manufacturer that you don’t ask about pre- and post-production testing procedures.

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Demand Proof of Testing

Dry labbing, or the act of supplying fictional yet plausible results in lieu of performing an assigned experiment, is a shady business practice that puts unsuspecting supplement brand owners at risk of ruin. The only way to know that you’re not being duped is to demand proof of testing from your contact manufacturer. Whether the testing is done on-site at your manufacturer’s facility or they outsource it to an independent lab, make sure you get copies of those test results.

Always Test Correctly

Even if your contact manufacturer is registered with the FDA or certified by NSF, it’s no guarantee that your products will be tested correctly. A contract manufacturer’s inefficient or deceitful business practices that went into making an inferior product won’t cover up a brand owner’s neglect to ensure that proper testing was done. As a brand owner, you’re 100% liable.

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