Self Health Resource Center 16th Anniversary Seal

"Few manufacturers fill capsules without flow agents 100% of the time. We have 16 years of experience doing precisely that."

– Oskar Thorvaldsso


Self Health Resource Center was founded in 1993 by Geoff Clark, son of world recognized researcher, best-selling author and pharmacy affiliate master herbalist Dr. Hulda Clark Ph.D, Biology. It was his mission to produce the purest, highest quality herbal supplements strictly following Dr. Clark’s formulations and protocols.

Since then, we have grown in size and scope, providing over 250 quality products to satisfied customers throughout the world. Our steadfast commitment to purity and quality can be found in every one of our products. The raw materials we use come from one of the best nutrition and herb suppliers in the United States – so we never purchase ingredients from abroad. And unlike competitors’ products, ours do not contain unnecessary additives or harmful excipients.

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