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Research Discovers Top Trend: Consumers Want Simple Clean Labels

Thanks to our ability to manufacture supplements without flow agents and fillers you will be able to appeal to the sophisticated purity minded consumer that appreciates simplicity in labeling.

As reported by Natural Foods Merchandiser: “Consumers want clean labels with words they recognize, and the fewer ingredients the better.” They also report that consumers like “negative” statements. This goes hand in hand with our experience – people don’t like fillers in their products. “No magnesium stearate” is therefore a selling point in today’s upscale supplement market as well as the hypoallergenic market.

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Supplements Without!

When deciding on the composition of your product, please keep in mind that recent marketing research (Health Focus International) shows that consumers like simple ingredient lists that only contain ingredients they understand.

We have invested in specialized equipment to make supplements without manufacturing agents. After mixing the raw materials we decide on which unique encapsulation machine we will use. This depends on how easily the mixed raw material flows. Powders that are not free flowing go on a slow auger driven encapsulation machine. Free flowing powders go on a higher speed machine.

More and more label owners want to accommodate their potential customers that feel excipients compromise the quality, absorption, and integrity of supplements, and have come to us because they know of our core competency in manufacturing without excipients.

No Flow Agents

No Flow agents
Magnesium Stearate, a common flow agent, has increasingly been criticized for hindering absorption. Some research has been done on this and of course refuted by industry. We never use Magnesium Stearate in Dr. Clark’s supplements. Purity and Potency Go Hand in Hand.

For three reasons superior potency cannot be achieved without attention to supreme purity. First, if you use flow agents the body has to work extra hard to break it down before enjoying the benefits of the nutrients delivered in the supplement. Second, micro toxins that are often found in highly processed excipients are poison to the body and makes the immune system, again, work extra hard. Both the above are devastating for a person with depleted immune system. Finally nutrients should have no restriction to breaking down in the stomach for maximum absorption in the colon.

Magnesium Stearate
Take a look at this picture. The yellow part in the middle is the nutritional element; it has jagged edges and obviously will not flow very well. This is why it has been coated with a flow agent, indicated in blue. This makes the particle flow fast without caking up in the encapsulation machine. This increases profits for the manufacturer because now he can run his equipment faster, but it is bad for you.

Solvent Free

Solvent free
We only use NSF “food grade” iodine, ammonia and grain alcohol to sanitize our equipment and table surfaces. It is common for other manufacturers to use industrial solvents such as laundry chlorinating bleach to clean their equipment. This is about the worst thing you can do. Laundry bleach contains heavy metals meant to get stains out of clothes. Another solvent commonly used in manufacturing facilities is Propyl Alcohol or Isopropyl Alcohol. Isopropanol is found in OTC rubbing alcohol (70% Isopropanol). It is inexpensive and effective to clean with. In fact, Propyl alcohol is used in many industrial grade and household cleaning supplies and even creams and lotions.

No Ingredients You Can’t Pronounce

No Ingredients

When looking under “Other Ingredients” on supplement labels you will find many hard to understand names of chemicals. For this reason, it is a good idea to read the label backwards. It is common to see tablets shine in bright colors. This is good for sales, and it may give you some pleasure when taking the supplement, but again it misses the main reason why you would take a supplement.

We Can Meet Your Needs

We have been in the nutritional supplement business since 1993. We accommodate manufacturers that don’t want excipients, binders, and flow agents. This, in fact, is our specialty. However, we also do good work for those that are primarily price conscious and don’t mind if their products contain qualified non-toxic flow agents.

Whatever your need is, let our experience and diligence work in your favor. In-house testing, low quantity, fast turnaround and high quality product is our hallmark.

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