Alpha GPC 300 mg with 33% Bonu Tab SR, Targeted Extended Release Tablets


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Introducing Alpha GPC with Extended-Slow-Release delivery, formulated to benefit you over a period of 4 to 7 hours. Each tablet contains 300mg of Alpha GPC.
With the half-life extended you will benefit THE WHOLE DAY from a single tablet, this has numerous benefits, including:

  • Increased absorption
  • Reduced adverse reactions
  • Less fluctuation in your blood levels
  • Less waste
  • Increased compliance

The bottom line is that the Extended-Slow-Release mechanism enhances the efficacy of the supplement and maximises its benefits throughout the day. 

Keep in mind that most capsules are fast-release. They deliver all the Alpha GPC into your stomach in 6-1

1 minutes. Typically if your body doesn’t know what to do with all the nutrients at that very moment, it will seek to exit the excess amount from the body, in most cases, via urine. 

Therefore the benefits from taking Alpha GPC in fast release capsules may be limited. When you expose your body to Alpha GPC over a period of 4 to 7 hours, absorption increases, this is the opposite of fast release.


Alpha GPC has been extensively studied and is known for its ability to enhance memory, learning and focus. It works by increasing levels of acetylcholine, a crucial neurotransmitter that plays a vital role in cognitive functions. By promoting the production and release of acetylcholine, Alpha GPC supports improved mental clarity, enhanced memory retention, and increased learning capacity.

Not only does Alpha GPC benefit cognitive function, but it also has potential advantages for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Research suggests that Alpha GPC supplementation may increase vertical jump power and endurance performance, making it a valuable addition to your workout regimen.

Boost your cognitive health with a tested supplement that lasts you the whole day, enhance your memory, and unlock your full potential with our premium Alpha GPC supplement. Invest in your well-being today and elevate your mental performance like never before.

Notice: Individual results may vary, and it is always advisable to consult with a naturopathic doctor before starting any new supplement regimen, especially if you have specific health concerns or are taking medications. Extended-Slow-Release delivery is not recommended for people with acute or chronic intestinal hurry syndromes.

Know Who Makes Your Supplement!

VeriGMP® confirms that our Alpha GPC is manufactured in a GMP certified facility that is inspected by one of the world’s largest quality control organisations and has received two GMP Certifications. See details on our Amazon store page. 

Many supplements sold on Amazon are owned by hedge funds that don’t have the slightest idea what’s going on in the “LOWEST BID” factories they farm their production to. From what we can tell most tax avoiding hedge funds that find themselves in the supplement business are only in it for the money. 

Most  “LOWEST BID” factories maximise production with the use of magnesium stearate that coats each and every nutrient particle in the formula. Read more about why taking supplements made with magnesium stearate may be a bad idea in our Amazon store page. We never use magnesium stearate in our products.

We are different! This supplement is made right here in our own GMP certified manufacturing facility in San Diego, California. 


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