Securing Safe, Pure, Potent Raw Materials

We are able to procure any raw materials you might need for your product. Our company does business with over 50 raw material suppliers. We can get herbs, botanicals, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, compounds and specialty ingredients. We only buy top quality raw materials from within US from the most reputable vendors. We never buy any raw materials directly from abroad. Of course, many of the raw materials we use in our products are not grown or manufactured in USA. We still do not source those raw materials directly. Instead we purchase only from reliable US companies that carefully follow the FDA and cGMP protocols.

We have inspected our key suppliers’ quality control and laboratories and we continually test the Certificate of Analysis (CofA) from all of our vendors. We validate each batch we receive in accordance with our Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) protocols (based upon FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practice) and implemented in our company.

Not only can we get materials of the highest quality for you, but we can also purchase them at the lowest price. We’ve been doing continuous business with many of our suppliers buying Adipex for over a decade. This means that we are getting the best wholesale prices available on the market. These savings get passed down so that you, our customer, reap the benefits of our relationships with our suppliers.

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