• Good for coil driers of color identify symbol or non-symbol
  • Accurate control of pouch length
    Use Pre-desiccant pouch design to avoid pouch transmission uneven and ensure the accuracy of pouch length control.
  • No breakage of the desiccants
    The desiccant bags thick adaptive design make sure accurate cutting and avoid breakage of the desiccants.


Model EX-1
Price (USD) $24,200
Applicable for Round, flat round, square, flat square bottles,
Applicable desiccant Coil desiccants. Determine the size of the Desiccant by the bottle size.
Capacity 50~120 bottles/minute
Power supply and consumption 220V/50HZ 0.50kw
Size 1600*750*1780mm
Weight 250kg
Remark Automatically adjust height.

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