Manufacture Supplements in USA

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  1. What do US Customers Want? – What Don’t They Want?
  2. Why advertising in USA is not profitable – How to market your own brand in USA
  3. How to get into Whole Foods *How to comply with FDA?
  4. How to protect yourself from Proposition 65
  5. Understand “expiration dating” rules
  6. 10 Questions to Ask Supplement Contract Manufacturers, before you hire them

We have increased our manufacturing capabilities and now welcome international business.


  • Experts in Avoiding Excipients
  • Low Minimums / High Capacity
  • FDA Registered / cGMP Certified
  • We Accept Letter of Credit
  • Turnkey Manufacturing Plant Setup for Your Own US Factory
  • Pathway to USA – Invest with us and apply for residency

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The report qualifies all manufacturers for a FREE lead tests.

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