Top Supplement Industry Trends - Transparency

Top Supplement Industry Trends- Transparency

Fueled by new ingredient discoveries, advances in health, research, and changing consumer desires, the supplement industry is undergoing a growth spurt. That means new products and new brands are constantly entering the market to claim their share of the multibillion dollar industry. What was popular a decade or even a year ago may be boring […]

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RECALL: Another Example Of What Is Likely To Happen To You If You Only Compete On Price!

Label Owners, Don’t Let This Happen To You! Be thankful that your brand isn’t one of the 859 brands recalled by the FDA in January 2020 over one contract manufacturer’s deceptive business practices. A contract manufacturer may tell you that they operate a GMP certified facility, but this doesn’t mean anything until you verify their […]

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Clean Labels

Encapsulating without Magnesium Stearate! How?We have been manufacturing without Magnesium Stearate since 1993. We have lots of experience in this and we know first hand that this can be done with almost any ingredient. At the most we use rice based fillers, rice hulls that are sterilized and ground to a fine powder.Avoiding chemicals and […]

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Vitamin K2

K2 has a growing body of scientific evidence K2 is a letter vitamin familiar and easy for consumers to embrace K2 daily dose is miniscule – 45mcg to 180mcg so formulation is not a problem K2 decreases arterial calcification K2 emerging scientific research indicates role against Alzheimer’s, skin, aging and varicose veins

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Personalized Nutrition

Shotgunning supplements and hoping for efficacy is outdated. The future of nutrition as a true therapy for lifestyle-based illness rests in personalization, the bleeding edge of medicine that combines genomics with DNA blood work to target disease before it sets in.

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Export to Europe and China

Export to Europe and China Western Europe made up some 14% of global sales right behind Asia at 44% and USA at 32%. Europe’s segment is smaller but is growing faster than the US market at this time. Italy, Germany, UK, French and Spain are the largest supplement markets in Europe. The problem is importing […]